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Case Study.

Posada del Siglo XIX

Termas y Hotel Posada del Siglo XIX is a tourist complex with its own thermal well. Located in the area of Termas del Daymán, Salto, Uruguay, they have a 3-hectare park with open and covered thermal pools, a mini water park, a cafeteria, a sports area, and games for children.

The Challenge

Posadas Siglo XIX needed a website that was capable of handling online reservations efficiently and securely. Additionally, they wanted to implement a room auction system and discount coupons to enhance their guests' experience.

The Solution

We developed a custom website for Posadas Siglo XIX using Drupal as a content management system. This allowed us to create a secure and scalable online platform that can handle online reservations and payments efficiently. Additionally, we implemented a room auction system and discount coupon system using Symfony, which allowed us to integrate with their local management system and provide a unique experience to their guests.

The Results

Thanks to our work, Posadas Siglo XIX now has a secure and scalable online website that allows their guests to efficiently book rooms online. Additionally, the room auction system and discount coupon system have significantly improved their guests' experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. If you are looking for an online solution for your hotel business, contact us and discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

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